Save time and money in your design process through 3D printing. It's easy. We can work with any data that you have. Whether you have .stl files ready to print, or a sketch on a napkin, send it to us, and let us do the rest. We have the ability to fix files, add color to a model and address any special request. To complete your models, we also have a variety of other capabilities including laser cutting and photo etching.


Whether you're designing the structure or planning the drainage, the quickest way to build an architectural model for massing or detail is 3D printing. By using your 2D, 3D or BIM data to streamline the process, the final model is as accurate as possible. Our capabilities range from small scale massing models to larger scale full color presentation models.

Design Engineering

Alchemy Models can deliver your concept, presentation or functional model in record time. Whether you simply need a fast part for design study, or you require a museum quality model, we have the resources to satisfy the most discriminating customers.

Product Development Consulting

Alchemy Models has worked with numerous product development companies and architects to develop and refine designs. Feel secure knowing that Alchemy Models maintains the highest standard of privacy for our sensitive customers. Do you have a product idea? Looking for capital funding? Need to develop several designs to showcase at a convention? Alchemy Models has the expertise, experience and ability to help you bring your idea to the next level..